Having private water sources is a great way to manage water requirements throughout the year. However, bore water from underground aquifers can be contaminated with various pollutants and micro-organisms that necessitate bore water treatment before using them.

At Plaza Water Treatment Services, we have highly effective and efficient bore water treatment systems that can filter the water and eliminate a wide range of water contaminants.

Water seeping through the many layers of earth dissolves minerals, chemicals and carry along pesticides, micro-organisms percolating through to accumulate in underground aquifers. These aquifers filled with water can be made available by sinking bores into them. Although a very important water source for regional Australians bore water contains varied substrates, particulates and contaminants. Since not all bore water has similar constituents, it is very important to analyse its micro-organisms and contaminants before an appropriate bore water treatment system is installed.

The most common problems with bore water are:

  • Presence of minerals like iron and manganese staining the water (colouration)
  • Presence of acidic compounds making the water pH level low
  • Presence of calcium and manganese leading to excessive hardness
  • Presence of sediments like oxidised iron, first, mud etc.
  • High level of salinity
  • Chemicals
  • Micro-organisms like bacteria – coliforms

At Plaza Water Treatment Services, we begin by analysing the water for these problems and assess the purpose of using treatment bore water and then suggest the bore water treatment systems that includes:

  • Hardwater treatment system
  • Neutralising bore water treatment system
  • Bore water treatment for salinity and chloride
  • Sediment bore water treatment system
  • Bore water treatment for bacteria and other micro-organisms
  • Heavy metal treatment system
  • Correction system for corrosion and low pH Levels in bore water

More than one system of bore water treatment may be necessary for your facility. With a wealth of experience working in different regional areas of Australia, we have understood the variation in bore water and offer effective and efficient installation of water treatment systems at competitive pricing.

We also provide servicing of existing bore water systems such as the service, repairs and replacement of bore water pumps when they are corroded, rusted and have become faulty. We have a team of excellent water treatment technicians who have put years of passion and commitment to understanding our clients’ needs and provide the best solutions for them.

As a locally-owned and operated company, we are registered, licensed and insured to work on industrial facilities of varying scales and provide a customised bore water treatment system solution to any facility, regardless of its size and volume requirements.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Our friendly team of experienced bore water treatment experts can answer any questions you may have about bore water treatment services and systems or spray booth water treatment solutions. Plaza Water Treatment Services also specialises in spray booth services such as spray booth maintenance and cleaning.

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