Spray Booth Filters

Plaza Water Treatment has a large range of Inlet filter media, spray booth filter material, exhaust filter media and complete accessories for a spray booth filter system.
  • Quality inlet filter 560g or 600g EU5 rated cut to measure
  • Fiberglass strippable exhaust filter rolls- various Lengths-Widths-Depths, and bulk sized rolls available.
  • Pleated Cardboard exhaust filter –Procart/Andrea. Buy original and genuine cardboard exhaust filters which are superior in many ways compared to cheaper brands.
  • Inlet Pocket filters made to measure
  • Polyester inlet-exhaust filter
  • Polyester Pocket exhaust filter
  • Spray booth filter systems
  • All custom made spray booth ait  intake filters
  • All spray booth filters can be professionally supplied & fitted by our staff
  • All sprat booth filter material
  • Complete spray booth filter system

Intake filters are important to ensure that your spray booth has clean filtered air and to minimise the risk of airborne particles from entering the booth and subsequently damaging the paintwork. Exhaust filters, on the other hand, ensures the air leaving the paint booth is clean and free of any dangerous chemicals and vapours as well as to protect your fans from overspray buildup. A good spray booth exhaust air filter will be cost effective in the long run due to longer life of the filter and reduction of maintenance labour costs.

It is very important that you only fit the recommended filters to your spray booth. Fitting filters other than those specified may cause the booth to become unsafe and may affect performance and cleanliness.

Fibre Glass Exhaust Filter-All Size Rolls

Fibre Glass Exhaust Filter

Plaza- Inlet Filter 560/600g cut to Measure

 Inlet Filter 560/600g

Pleated Cardboard Exhaust Filter

Pleated Cardboard Exhaust Filter

Inlet Filter Pads Cut and Packaged for All Booths

Inlet Filter Pads

Polyester Pocket Filter

Polyester Pocket Filter

Inlet Pre filter Bags Made to Order

Inlet Pre filter Bags
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