Spray booths are critical for any industrial process because the resulting paint job represents the entirety of the work performed at the facility. Customers expect quality paintwork to be done at the shop. This perception alone makes the spray booth services a top priority for any company. At Plaza Water Treatment Services, we have deep knowledge, skilled expertise and highly trained professionals who understand the significance of spray booth cleaning and maintenance services to achieve that refined, superior quality paint finish.

The installation process can be customised to the specifications of the shop using CAD software and other techniques. They can be designed and outfitted to serve a variety of functions and applications. Size design is also available for custom purposes or uniquely sized spaces. Service technicians with factory training guide facility owners about the accurate methods of equipment operation and daily maintenance.

Plaza Water Treatment Services specialises in providing the following spray booth services:

  • Water treatment for automotive & industrial water wash spray booths
  • 100% Guarantee on all our spray booth services
  • A diverse range of Inlet & exhaust spray booth filters supply & fitment for all makes and models of spray booths
  • Periodic spray booth cleaning and maintenance service programs
  • Monthly bacteria /legionella water testing/documentation and chemical services
  • Electrical breakdown work, including hazardous areas
  • Supply and fit new booth glass/lighting etc
  • Breathing Air quality testing/documentation, installation of spray booth air filters and servicing
  • Water wash and dry filter spray booth relocations
  • Direct fired gas & oil burner servicing to Energy Safe Victoria Guidelines
  • High-pressure cleaning of spray booths
  • High-Pressure cleaning of evaporative coolers
  • Spray booth inner wall protective coatings
  • Spray booth wastewater removal for responsible disposal using an EPA licensed transporter/treatment plant

Spray Booth Cleaning and Maintenance Services

The most effective spray booth cleaning and maintenance services routine is comprised of both daily and long-term activities. A few of the spray booth cleaning and maintenance services that we undertake are:

  • Daily floor cleaning as well as scheduled spray booth cleaning using spray booth filters, for example.
  • Sweeping procedures are specific, and they need to be done during the booth’s operation unless the floor is grated.
  • Exhaust filter checks and booth pressure checks are part of the routine maintenance procedures.
  • General spray booth cleaning and periodic maintenance procedures will preserve the longevity of the installation. It may include checking fan blades, belts, door seals, ceiling and exhaust filters.
  • Surface cleaning procedures should always be followed to ensure product maintenance. Our spray booth services expert gives special attention to exhaust ducts to ensure the quality of air leaving the booth is up to standards. Many issues could occur if the spray booth ducting is not installed correctly or isn’t maintained well.

Spray Booth Maintenance Services in Melbourne

Any lapse in the spray booth maintenance services plan could cause a malfunction to occur, but some spray booths will also require repairs after a certain period of time. At Plaza Water Treatment Services, our abundant experience in spray booth maintenance services in Melbourne affords us the capabilities to determine the timeline for repairs. Our skilled experts can accurately calculate the service life of various spray booth parts and based on their usage rates, will suggest when a repair might become necessary. Repairs may incur a modest outlay, but the investment will pay off over time. Our team is certified and trained to perform all the essential spray booth services, including design, installation, maintenance and repair. We are also experienced in and offer industrial water filtration services. Maintain the longevity of your investment by working with our qualified service technicians.

Connect with us to inquire about our spray booth services and ask about our spray booth accessories parts.

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Inlet Filter Replacement
New Roof Filter Installation
New Duct Ready for Installation
Contaminated Inlet Filter Restricting Airflow
Wrong Chemical Treatment
Control Board Fault Finding
Paint Over-spray Removal
Pressure Wash Booth Internals
Safety Cage for Elevated Work
Water Pump Failure
Servicing a Water Floor Spray Booth
High Pressure Water Blasting
Pressure Cleaning Lower Floor
Exhaust Fan Paint De-scale
Installing High Wind Bracing
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EPA Registered Waste Removal
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Safety First
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