Water Treatment Services in Melbourne

Plaza can also provide the following Services
  • Water softener service and supply
  • Wastewater trace minerals analysis
  • High-pressure cleaning of water storage tanks/pits etc
  • Rainwater recovery systems and tank treatment for contaminates
  • Supply and fitment of a water tank or dam Aeration systems
  • Supply and install magnetic fluid reactors for irrigation etc
  • Supply and fitment of automatic chemical dosage systems
  • Bore water pump service and descale
  • Servicing of hot wash machines and chemical supplies
  • High-pressure cleaning of evaporative coolers and chemical disinfection
  • High-pressure cleaning of air wash units
  • Triple interceptor servicing including wash bay and oil separator servicing
  • Water tank purifier
  • Rainwater Tank Treatments

Water Treatment Services

The expertise of our team can save your organization time and money with our water treatment services. We specialize in offering comprehensive water treatment for many industries. Our company specialises in processing water to meet both requirements of the water users and to observe industry standards. Plaza WTS also treats contaminated or saline water for release into the environment. Standard installations or customized solutions have benefits and potential liabilities depending on the particular application. We can help you to determine the best solution for any given facility. Maintain equipment by cleaning it with the best water available. This is possible by using water treatment equipment like an industrial water filtration system.

Water Filtration Systems

The water filtration system uses include disinfection, deionization, reverse osmosis, water softening, ultra-filtration and other industrial applications. Water filtration systems process water to filter out specific particles and pollutants from the water making it safe for the equipment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our friendly team of experienced providers can answer any questions you may have about our industrial water treatment or spray booth water treatment solutions. Plaza WTS also specialises in spray booth services such as spray booth maintenance and cleaning.

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