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    Industrial waste waters have various contaminants and pollutants that need to be treated before letting it out to the environment or repurposed within the industry. At Plaza Water Treatment Services, we have worked extensively with various industries to achieve standards-compliant wastewater processes with our wastewater treatment services.

    As a result, we have abundant knowledge, experience, and expertise in supplying and installing excellent wastewater treatment systems.

    Industrial effluents and water pollutants vary and our waste water treatment are customised to your facilities unique requirements. Starting with wastewater mineral trace analysis, we provide an exhaustive array of industrial wastewater treatment systems and services, including but not limited to triple interceptor servicing (washing bay and oil separator servicing), high-pressure washing, coagulation and flocculation.

    Our wastewater treatment is suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications. We combine our experience, skills and knowledge to assist clients right through from the installation to maintenance stage.

    Seasoned and Expert Waste Water Treatment Services

    One of the most leading wastewater treatment services that Plaza Water Treatment Services offers is coagulation and flocculation. This process involves the removal of suspended particles in the wastewater through sedimentation and filtration. This type of wastewater treatment service involves coagulation and bringing together the suspended particles to form clusters or clumps by neutralising the water impurity charges. The flocculent addition helps in settling the mass formed by coagulation.

    Another important water treatment service is the triple interceptor service. At Plaza Water Treatment Services, we have the right equipment, tools and excellent products to serve any scale of industrial wastewater treatment systems. Interceptors are an integral part of the industrial plumbing system, aiding the separation of various water effluents like chemicals, oil, grease (hydrocarbons), dirt, clay and silt and keeping your drainage system in good working condition. Periodic cleaning and pumping out of interceptors is key to having smooth working wastewater treatment systems.

    The triple interceptor services include removing sludge and pollutants by emptying the interceptor in our de-watering tank. After complete drainage, we do a high-pressure washout of the interceptor tank. After that, the interceptors are assessed for their process integrity, and parts are serviced as required.

    It is essential to schedule wastewater treatment services periodically to ensure that regulations compliant water are led out to watercourses. We inspect, assess your facility and based on the size, design, flow rates, and volume of contaminants, suggest the frequency of interceptor cleaning and the effective maintenance of your wastewater treatment systems. Our comprehensive wastewater treatment services will help you maintain the regulation of wastewater.

    Waste Water Treatment Filtration Company

    Plaza Water Treatment Services has been an industry-leading wastewater treatment filtration company for over 21 years. It has been long associated with many major corporations with a service level agreement going strong for many years. Our wastewater treatment services utilise our own formulations with proven results and afford us to achieve stellar results.

    We have built an incredible reputation as an excellent wastewater treatment filtration company thanks to the dedication, professionalism and commitment to excellence of our team of expert technicians.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Our friendly team of experienced wastewater treatment experts can answer any questions you may have about wastewater treatment services and systems or spray booth water treatment solutions. Plaza Water Treatment Services also specialises in spray booth services such as spray booth maintenance and cleaning.

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