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    Over the years, the RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtration system has become one of the most popular filtration solutions as it consistently ensures great water quality. Suitable for a variety of applications, you can find an RO system that best suits your water filtration needs at Plaza Water Treatment Services. We offer a reverse osmosis filtration system that effectively removes up to 99.9% of impurities and bacteria from poor quality water.

    Our energy-efficient and heavy-duty filtration systems are designed for a wide range of water treatment applications. With a high recovery rate, the RO water systems work by removing any unwanted solids, chlorine and fluoride from water. This unique filtration system rejects contaminants and produces high-quality and safe drinking water.


    The RO water filter system removes contaminants from unfiltered water when it is passed through a semipermeable membrane. This membrane consists of small pores used for trapping the contaminants. Water flows directly from the concentrated side which contains more contaminants to the less concentrated side which contains fewer contaminants. The filtration system has many filtration stages which ensure that all the sediment is removed from the water.

    If you’re looking for an advanced water filtration system with low energy consumption, then choose our RO water filter system integrated with many useful features. We offer customised and precise water filtration solutions according to our client’s needs and market demand. The water produced by our compact filtration systems is fresh and also improves the taste of water.

    As a leading supplier of reverse osmosis filtration systems in Melbourne and Victoria, we strive to deliver long-term, pre-engineered solutions for commercial use including managing and treating wastewater. From agriculture to food & beverage, our water filtration systems are a perfect fit for various types of industries.

    Install our RO systems today to clean your water and achieve the highest levels of water quality.

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