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    Paint sludges present in the paint booth system can cause a number of hygiene and contamination problems if the water is left untreated for long.In order to minimise the safety hazards and protect your paint booth from corrosion, choose our spray booth water treatment.

    At Plaza Water Treatment Services, we offer a wide range of water treatment products and chemicals used for controlling the air balance and making paint sludge removal easy. Such products offer quick and effective results by keeping pipes and pumps unclogged, and decreasing the bacterial load inside the paint booth.


    Our extensive range of water treatment products prevent bad odour problems and keep the paint booth from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. This way the paint booth continues to work efficiently and decreases downtime. The treatment products are capable of handling an extensive clean-up workload, decrease safety risks, and require minimal maintenance.

    We at Plaza Water Treatment Services offer innovative and practical options for water treatment. Our water treatment chemicals and products play an essential role in treating water. They provide complete protection against micro-organisms and eliminate odour and bacteria from the water.

    When you choose from our range of comprehensive water treatment products, you can expect quick and effective cleaning results. Our water treatment systems are ideal for a wide range of applications and speed up the process.

    Want to know more about spray booth water treatment? Our team can help. Give us a call on 03 9761 4667 to discuss your water treatment options. To receive a free quote, write to us at or speak with one of our team members. We will assess your needs and suggest a suitable water treatment solution.