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    Spray Booth Filters

    Plaza Water Treatment has an extensive range of spray booth filters, including spray booth intake and exhaust filters, Inlet filter media, spray booth filter material, exhaust filter media, paint booth filters and complete accessories for a spray booth filter system. Our range of spray booth filters are top-notch in Melbourne, and now you can buy them online at competitive prices.

    Excellent Spray Booth Filter Material in Melbourne

    In both cross draft or downdraft spray booth designs, the spray booth filter material is crucial to achieving the desired finish on the painting job. Both the spray booth intake filters and exhaust filters need to be changed periodically as they get clogged with pollutants and chemicals. At Plaza Water Treatment Services, we have a more comprehensive range of spray booth filters in different filter materials and during our cleaning services, we make sure to check, assess and replace the spray booth filter.

    Our range of paint booth filters are designed to prevent the release of air particles into the air. We assist our customers and help them understand how the booth filters work and how they improve their workplace safety. Our filters offer a great way of cost cutting and ensuring quality results.

    At Plaza Water Treatment Services, we have the following spray booth filters in different filter materials available to be shipped anywhere in Melbourne.

    • Fibreglass strippable spray booth exhaust filter rolls- with various Lengths-Widths-Depths, and bulk-sized rolls available.
    • Pleated Cardboard spray booth exhaust filter – both Procart/Andrea range are available. Buy original and genuine cardboard spray booth exhaust filters, which are superior in many ways to cheaper brands.
    • Polyester spray booth filter material for both intake and exhaust filter
    • Polyester Pocket exhaust filter
    • All other spray booth filter materials in Melbourne are available as well. Please inquire about your specific spray booth filter material.

    Customised and High-Quality Spray Booth Intake and Exhaust Filters

    Spray booth Intake filters are essential to ensure that your booth has clean filtered air and minimises the risk of airborne particles from entering the booth and subsequently damaging the paintwork. Spray booth exhaust filters, on the other hand, ensure the air leaving the paint booth is clean and free of any dangerous chemicals and vapours and protects your fans from overspray buildup. Besides, a good spray booth exhaust air filter will be cost-effective in the long run due to the longer life of the filter and reduced maintenance labour costs.

    At Plaza WTS, we have a wide range of intake and exhaust filter materials and specifications. Our range includes but is not limited to:

    • Quality inlet filter 560g or 600g EU5 rated cut to measure
    • Inlet Pocket filters made to measure
    • Polyester, pleated carbon, fibreglass spray booth filter materials
    • All custom made spray booth intake filters
    • All spray booth filters can be professionally supplied & fitted by our staff
    • Complete spray booth filter systems are also available.

    It is vital that you only fit the recommended filters to your spray booth. Fitting filters other than those specified may cause the booth to become unsafe and may affect performance and cleanliness.

    Plaza Water Treatment Services has over 21 years of abundant experience providing regulatory compliant spray booth services for many long-standing clients. In addition, we’ve extended our services to include the spare parts division to ensure that there is minimal downtime for you and we come fully prepared with spray booth filters to achieve effective and efficient servicing.

    You can also order our high-quality spray booth filter online! In addition, we request you to connect with us for inquiries about other spray booth filter materials or other brands available.