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    Inlet Pre Filter (White) G3 Roll

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    Inlet Pre Filter (White) G3 Roll

    Synthetic fiber blinds Air filter cotton is made of special synthetic fiber, non-woven and gradual structure. With long fiber characteristics, the fiber has good strength and good elasticity, and does not compress the filter material due to the wind resistance, which affects the dust holding capacity. And it will not deform or cause fiber to fly under vibration and pulling.



    Polyester Pre Filter is mainly used in x systems such as automobile manufacturers, furniture factories, steel plants, plastic factories, petrochemical plants, etc., automatic rolling shutters for commercial buildings, underground railways, aviation roads, art galleries, hospitals, sewage treatment plants, etc. Filtration system, electronic industry air conditioning primary system filter.

    Material – Synthetic Fibre

    Thickness – 15-20mm

    Average Arrestance – En779: 80

    Air Velocity – 0.55m/s

    Pressure drop – 20pa

    Final Pressure drop – 180pa

    Dust Holding (g/m2) – 246

    Maximum Temperature – 110 Deg C

    Filter Class – G3 (DIN 24185)

    Flame Resistance – F-1 (DIN 53438)

    Product Dimensions : 2m H x 20m L on roll

    Shipping Dimensions : ROLL- 2m H x 20m L

    Product weight : 10 KG

    Product shipping Weight : 10 KG