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    Water is used for various manufacturing and industrial applications where one needs to ensure there are no chemicals such as bromine present. UV water filter system is a highly effective and safe alternative for removing harmful microbes and disinfecting water. This natural and environmentally friendly method produces no toxic by-products and removes micro-organisms susceptible to UV light.

    At Plaza Water Treatment Services, you can find an effective and economical UV filtration system for a variety of applications. Whether you need to purify the water or disinfect your water supply, we’ve got you covered. We have in-house access to the latest filtration technology and systems that combat water contamination and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and even algae from the water.

    WHY US?

    We at Plaza Water Treatment Services offer different ultraviolet water treatment systems according to the client’s industrial applications. Equipped with advanced ionisation systems and hard water conditioners, our solutions work precisely without the need for a separate filtration system.

    Our UV water treatment systems work by penetrating the microorganisms and destroying their DNA. The UV energy produced by the system has stronger intensity and ensures de-chlorination and de-ozonation of the water. An advantage of using this particular water treatment system is that the UV does not by any means affect the taste or pH of water.

    Are you searching for a robust UV water purifier? We can help. We bring unique and long-term water filtration solutions suitable for varied applications and industrial purposes. Our experts will assess your requirements and help you choose the right UV water filter system.

    For further information on our water filtration products, call us on 03 9761 4667 or write to us at

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